Anders Mutvei, Ph.D.



Favorite movie: Forrest Gump

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Non-science activity: music

Dream benchmate: Michal (a dream come true)

One item from your bucket list: build a time machine

Your scientific interests: cancer signaling

Current research interests: lysosomes, mTORC1 signaling and tumor metabolism





During my PhD, I studied several aspects of how dysregulation of Notch signaling, a stem cell signaling pathway, contributes to breast cancer. In the Blenis lab, I am studying the interplay between mTORC1 and the lysosome in the regulation of cellular metabolism.

Honors and Awards

Postdoctoral grant from the Swedish research council

Selected Publications

Mutvei A BMC Cancer 2015

Jin, Mutvei et al., Oncogene 2012

Landor, Mutvei et al., PNAS 2011