Tanya Schild

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Favorite movie: Kiki’s delivery service 

Hometown: Saint Petersburg, Russia 

Non-science activity: Bike riding 

Dream benchmate: Severus Snape 

One item from your bucket list: To snowboard in the Alps 

Your scientific interests: Tumor metabolism 

Current research interests: To define the regulation of NADK in pancreatic cancer 



I did my undergrad studies at UC Berkeley, where I majored in immunology. Later, I worked as a lab tech at Columbia university in the lab of Dana Pe’er studying drug resistance in melanoma. My time in the Pe’er lab made me passionate about mechanisms that lead to cancer and drug resistance. I am particularly interested in the metabolic addictions that define cancer and their changes during tumor progression. In the Blenis lab, I work with Ana Patricia Gomes studying redox control in PDAC.

Honors and Awards

Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA F31 pre-doctoral fellowship

Selected Publications

Schild, T., Low, V., Blenis, J. and Gomes, A.P., 2018. Unique Metabolic Adaptations Dictate Distal Organ-Specific Metastatic Colonization. Cancer cell33(3), pp.347-354.

Gomes, A.P., Schild, T. and Blenis, J., 2017. Adding Polyamine Metabolism to the mTORC1 Toolkit in Cell Growth and Cancer. Developmental cell42(2), pp.112-114.

Litvin, O., Schwartz, S., Wan, Z., Schild, T., Rocco, M., Oh, N.L., Chen, B.J., Goddard, N., Pratilas, C. and Pe’er, D., 2015. Interferon α/β enhances the cytotoxic response of MEK inhibition in melanoma. Molecular cell57(5), pp.784-796.